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Hepatitis C

How Do I Protect Myself from Hepatitis C?

There is no vaccine against Hepatitis C however you can reduce the risk of infection. Just like any other STI (sexually transmitted infection), the best way to protect yourself and others from contracting Hepatitis C is always to use a condom when having sex (vaginal, anal and oral). Avoid sharing sex toys but if you do, wash them carefully or cover them with a new condom before they are used by anyone else. Remember, you can get free condoms in any sexual health clinic. (Please click the free condoms tab or Sexual Health Clinics tab for further information on how to access them).

Those most at risk of contracting Hepatitis C are injecting drug users. Avoid sharing any equipment such as needles or syringes; also avoid sharing toothbrushes, razors or anything else that may have been contaminated with blood.

Do you have Symptoms?

If you have symptoms you should get yourself tested to avoid infection developing and from transferring it to someone else.

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