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The Sexual Health Website for Bexley

Bexley's Sexual Health Website is a one-stop website providing all Bexley residents with comprehensive information and advice on sexual health.

This includes advice on how to avoid contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and how to access free testing for STIs, the Chlamydia screening programme, advice on contraception, free condom services, advice on how to avoid unintended or unwanted pregnancies and how to find your nearest confidential Sexual Health Clinic.

STI Instruction Video

Please watch this step by step video before attempting to collect your sample. It will take you through filling in the form, what to expect in your pack and instructions on taking the blood sample.


    Are you at Pride Festivals this Summer?

    Make sure you take extra precautions against hepatitis A and shigella by practicing good hygiene. To prevent Hep A and shigella during Pride season, good hygiene practices include: washing hands after sex, using protection for sexual activities, changing condoms between anal and oral sex, and avoid sharing sex toys.

    Pride season has started - ask your GP about the free hepatitis A vaccine so you can enjoy yourself without the worry of Hep A.

  • NEWS

    Community Sexual Health

    The London Borough of Bexley is pleased to announce they awarded a contract for community sexual health provision to Metro. The contract encompasses several elements including the sexual health office function of the Bexley Sexual Health Website and the co-ordination of the National Chlamydia Screening Programme and Pan London C-card in Bexley.

    Please email us to ask for more info.